Nation-building Lessons from Tech Companies by McDavies

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March 6, 2018
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March 27, 2018
Nation-building Lessons from Tech Companies by McDavies

Rebuilding the nations of Africa (nation building) has never been urgent in history as it is today and there is every reason to keep working in achieving working nations that empowers everyone achieves their individual dreams. Nation building is one thing nations of Africa like Nigeria need to approach seriously and we need all the lessons we can get from either other nations or businesses that have attained sustained success.


In this piece, I will be sharing ideas on what lessons developing nations or other nations can learn from big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and every one of them that notifies you for biweekly updates on your various smartphones. Speaking of updates on your Facebook or any other applications; these are the lessons on nation building that various countries can learn from;


Constant Research and Development: For a tech company or a startup to be having updates every week or month, it means that they are constantly engaged in research work, finding better ways to improve their products and equally impress their users and customers. They are not relaxing until users complain or bad reviews start coming in before new innovations are developed. Scientists and engineers are not in the habit of developing beta or first product launch and relax because it has started generated revenue. The work must continue in research and development to keep adding value.


Development Irrespective of their current state: With the present state of various threats from malware to other levels of compromise, these companies don’t wait until something goes wrong before they start finding ways to fix things. Proactiveness is what keeps them ahead of the threats and those who are equally working to do evil with technology. No nation is safe if it has to wait till when there is a security bridge or threat before taking necessary action. Potential threats should not be the reason to keep innovating if it is so then the threat will eventually happen. The best form of innovation for safety is the preventive aspect, not corrective when much damage has been done and lives lost and nation building will only be worthwhile with such approve to solving problems.


Security Alertness: Being security conscious, watchful and at alert means being on the look 24/7 all through the year. Even holidays is not a reason to relax and let their guards down. They monitor trends of events, attacks and compromises in the digital world. Their information bank is always updated to guide any plans and developments for maximum and comprehensive security. Nation building should never compromise the safety of citizens by compromising security standards and protocols even for one day.


Many nations in Africa will develop rapidly if only we understand that the urgency of now for the entire world requires proactive thinking, innovation and creativity. The absence of a problem or challenge should not cause us to go numb on our creative processes and activities. A learner or one who values knowledge does not stop learning even when there are no exams to write. Creating and improvement in the midst of calmness creates room for more growth when you think you have arrived or gotten to your peak. Nation building should be a continuum of activities that involves improvement beyond oneself.

Nation building in Africa can only be rapid if we understand that there is a need for constant work and a much larger room for improvement of any sophisticated system that we already have in place.