The Journal of Nation-building and Policy studies is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed
academic and policy oriented periodical of the RLF. The journal will debut later this year (2017).

Journal of Nation-building & Policy Studies (JoNPS) Volume 1, Numbers 1 & 2, June/November 2017

It is a pleasure to introduce the ROGAN Leadership Foundation’s Journal of Nation Building & Policy Studies (JoNPS). This bi-annual, peer reviewed journal provides an exciting opportunity for exploring academic and policy perspectives across various disciplines and issues on nation-building. The objective of JoNPS is to publish up-to-date, high quality and original research and policy papers, as well as relevant and insightful book and special issue reviews, which have relevance for the nation-building processes in Nigeria. In order to cut across a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including academics, policy makers, civil society and ordinary citizens, the journal will be challenging and engaging yet accessible. Each issue will typically contain four types of papers – peer-reviewed academic papers, policy-oriented papers, researched opinion pieces and book reviews. All of these will have at their core engagement issues of nation-building in Nigeria, Africa and the world…………


 Mouzayian Khalil-Babatunde, PhD.

My research focus is driven by the pursuit of sustainable development in Africa. Broadly, my research is in the areas of governance and development issues in Africa, with particular interest in regional and sub-regional institutions and instruments, especially the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM); globalisation and development, democratisation and development, citizen/civil society roles in conflict. I am currently a lecturer in the department of Political Science and International Relations at Nile University of Nigeria (Abuja).