Mission & Vision

The Rogan Leadership Foundation takes as its point of departure the notion that nation- building is one of the most fundamental and urgent challenges facing the country. Consequently it believes that most of the problems facing the nation such as the anarchic character of its politics, absence of individuals or institutions who command legitimacy across the country’s fault lines, constant complaints of marginalization by all the constituent parts of the county and   the increasing problem of de-Nigerianization where citizens and groups de-link from the Nigerian state into primordial identities often with the state as the enemy   are  mere symptoms of the crisis in the country’s nation-building process.

For the RLF, diversity is not inherently antithetical to nation-building because many of the most successful nations of the world were in fact built from an agglomeration of different ethnic nationalities.  RLF however believes that building a successful nation from an amalgamation of different ethnic and cultural nationalities requires the deliberate use of state instruments to build trust and create a sense of shared ownership of the new nation. In essence nation-building generally assumes that someone or something is doing the building of the nation intentionally, meticulously and persistently.

RLF will research the nation-building process in the country and how the various government policies impact on it.  It will also organize seminars, workshops, training and engage in general advocacy that will help re-establish or strengthen trust in the Nigeria project.

The RLF will publish a bi-annual, semi-academic journal, called Journal of Nation-Building and Policy Studies and will also regularly publish reviewed feature articles on its website.